America is making me sicker!

One of the many pharmacy’s in Mexico where you can get your medication.

If the time ever comes when you or a loved one becomes chronically ill get ready for the hits to keep on coming.  Not only is it a horrible toll on your body and mind daily but it also hits your finances constantly.

If you are living in America one doctors visit will cost you on average $100 or more. This is for a simple 15 minute visit with a PCP (primary care physician). If you need to see a specialist this price will jump up to $450. This does not include the ongoing cost for tests, treatment and medication.

I am chronically ill and live in American so I have received my treatment there.  I have been going through the motions most of my life never really thinking that there were other options for my treatment. Never really thinking that there was another way to do things.

One week several months ago I was almost out of an important medication and I was not hearing back from the doctor’s office for a refill. If this happens there is little you can do in America. You can continue to reach out to the doctor’s office and pray they call you back before you run out of your medicine. You can go see a new doctor witch will cost you a new patient fee or you can go sit at a hospital for 8 plus hours hoping they might help you and write you a refill.

This particular time my friend and I decided to go to Mexico and get the medication. We knew that over there we would not have to deal with the same red tape you do in America. There is no back and forth between you, the pharmacy and the doctor’s office when you need a refill. You just go inside the pharmacy and buy your medicine. What a concept!

The prices on the medication are also incredible in Mexico. Prices on medication in America are over 250% higher than anywhere else in the world.  I am just blown away by all the difference in healthcare I am seeing between America and the rest of the world.

We are told that America has the best medical treatment in the world but this is not what I am seeing. The medication I get in America does not seem any better. The tests I get in America are not more thorough and the treatment I receive from the doctor’s is definitely not better. The only difference here that I see so far is the price.

Insulin for example can cost many patients in America over $700 a month. You take those same patients to Mexico and they can leave there with all the insulin for one month for under $50.00.

Prices per standard unit of Insulin, based on 2018 prices.

This does not just go for diabetic medication this goes for anything. I was recently extremely sick and I thought I was gonna actually loose my life but did not go to an American doctor out of fear that they would not help me. (This has happened one too many times.) I was laying at home getting sicker but did not know what to do. Even though I live where the so called “best” doctor’s in the world are i still did not know where to go to get treatment.

After about a week into being sick my friend asked me if I wanted to go see a doctor in Mexico. We had some other friends going anyway so we decided to go. It was a 6 hour drive early one Sunday morning. Honestly, i felt so bad I’m not sure how I even made it there but I did. I remember feeling like I was gonna be sick to my stomach the whole time and felt like I was gonna loose consciousness many other times. I remember I just kept telling myself to just get through the next moment. Not to think to far ahead.

When we got to Mexico we found a small hospital and signed in. Remember, this was a Sunday so options were limited.

The staff called me back within 30 minutes and the doctor was waiting to greet us. We told him what was going on and he gave me an exam. He heard something on my left lung so he send me for an x-ray. This was not some massive undertaking like in America. It was a small room right down the hall with a machine and technician.

She got right to work and did the x-ray. As soon as she was done she sent us back to the doctor with a disc in hand. He looked at the disc of the x-ray with us in the room. He discussed what he saw and what he thought was going on. He wrote out a list of medications and even administrated a steroid shot right there. He had my husband walk to the building pharmacy and buy the injection and bring it back so his nurse could administer it.

My friend was suffering a bit with the illness too so he went ahead and got seen while we were there and received an injection as well.

No Insurance necessary!!!

All in all with the shots(2), x-ray, disc of x-ray, doctor’s visit for 2 and prescriptions we spent under $35 USD. Then we got, i believe, 8 medications at the pharmacy. When you add everything together we paid about $100 for everything. No insurance necessary!

This was not a 5 minute visit either. We took about an hour of this doctor’s time. That hardly happens with a doctor in America. Most of the doctor’s are in the business of flipping patients as fast as possible.

This kind of treatment and cost is something badly needed in America. These experiences with Mexican healthcare have really opened my eyes to getting medical treatment outside of the U.S.

Just because we are use to something, does not mean it is the best/only option.

I will continue to get medication and treatment in other places. I don’t want to replace America healthcare 100% but rather use treatment from other countries to make my personal healthcare the best it can be. Before I had limitations on what healthcare I had access to but I’m finding out that does not have to be the case. Just because we are use to something, does not mean it is the best/only option.

I encourage you to explore your personal options. Traveling to others places in the world can be much cheaper than you ever expected. Especially if you plan it out.

God bless you and your family!

WeakbecomeStrong is also available in Spanish.

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