About me:

My name is Jamee. I live in Houston Tx. I have started Weak Become Strong because of my testimony. I have been through many things in life, some were done to me and some i helped do to myself. Either way our heavenly father brought me though it the same. I feel as though our experiences through hard times should not just remain with us but rather be shared with one another. This way we drawl strength from one another and always give God the glory.

This blog is about my experiences and what I have figured out along the way but more than that it is about his greatness. It’s about how he goes above and beyond for us each and evey time even though we keep failing him.

I truly believe in the power of change when we are born again and receive the holy spirit. My main focus on this site is how we can show God we are grateful to him by being obedient to him and by developing a strong relationship with him.

I would love to grow in this journey together and share knowledge about the Bible and our Lord and savior.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

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