In a time that is so confusing so many are realising that they need God. Even the lukewarm Christians will not do any more. Jesus says ” So because you are LUKEWARM, and neither hot nor cold , I will spit you out of my mouth.

Hi, my name is Jamee Fuentez. I am a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful girls. They are truly a gift from God. I am a huge believer in God and I believe there are way too many lukewarm Christians. I also believe the end times are coming so we can’t afford to be lukewarm any longer. We only get one chance in this life, their are no do overs. It’s time to make a decision and I want to help anyone and everyone I can grow closer to him and take our weaknesses and lean on him to become strong. I will be honest I’ve been writing literally my whole life but this is my first blog, so I guess I will learn as we go(LOL). I will tell you up front that this blog will be honest and raw. Let’s walk down the narrow path together. God bless you all.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. Day or night I’m here.

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